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Policies & Procedures

CRS Policies & Procedures
January 13, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Now that our students and families have had the opportunity to adjust after the New Year, I wanted to make you aware of some changes to our procedures as well as to remind our families of current procedures. Our new policies will be in effect beginning Tuesday, January 19th.


Due to the potential for interruption of instructional programs, our Main Office will no longer be able to accommodate interruptions to classrooms for the following reasons:
Forgotten homework
Forgotten snacks, library books, coats, etc.
Forgotten money

If your child forgets these items, and these items are dropped off in our Main Office, students will be able to retrieve these items by coming to the Main Office without the prompting of a phone call.

CHANGE IN DISMISSAL PLANS (Effective Tuesday, January 19th)
Due to the many requests for change in dismissal plans midday, these changes can no longer be accommodated. Moving forward only in the case of an emergency, will exceptions be made for changes in dismissal. Mrs. Gagliardo must approve these emergency situation dismissal changes. Please note that emergency situations should not include play date arrangements. If an emergency situation arises we ask that you only contact the Main Office to ensure that we can respond promptly.

Please make sure that all after school arrangements are made and communicated with your children prior to the start of the school day. If your child has a change in dismissal, please ensure that he or she comes to school with a written note so that those necessary are made aware of this change. Due to the potential interruption of instruction, teachers are not always able to check email throughout the day to receive "change in plans" notifications, as they are involved in instruction or planning. Therefore please note that teachers will not be expected to adhere to change in dismissal plans communicated via email.


START TIME (Effective September 2015)
Please note that the first bell rings at 8:45 A.M. This is our “start of school” bell and the one around which you want to arrange your schedule. Please plan to drop your child at school between 8:35 A.M. and 8:45 A.M. This will ensure that your child is ready to enter the building when the first bell rings and is seated in his/her classroom and ready to start the day when the late bell rings. Any student who enters the building after 8:50 A.M. will be marked late. Please do not drop your child off before 8:35 A.M., as we do not have any supervision in place until that time.

MORNING DROP OFF (Effective September 2015)

Please note that in order to maintain the safety and well being of all students, children may not be dropped off from vehicles in the main parking lot. If parents are choosing to utilize the parking lot for drop off, they must walk their children to the school building drop off spot.

MORNING CAR LINE (Effective September 2015)

If you use the Car Line in the morning, keep in mind that your child must be able to get in and out of your vehicle quickly and without your assistance. Parents may not get out of their vehicle on the Car Line. If your child requires assistance or has a large project or instrument in the trunk, you should plan to park in our main parking lot. In addition, children should only exit vehicles on the passenger side.

CAR LINE IN GENERAL (Effective September 2015)

The car line forms two lanes up until the oval in front of the school. Please follow the posted signs and form two lines so that traffic does not back up onto Colonial Road. Moving up with the traffic also assists in the length of the car line. Please use an alternate merge once our two lines become one car line.

Parents or any family members who are picking up in the car line must follow all of the directions below:
Place your family name card in the bottom corner of your front windshield on the
passenger side. By positioning the card in this way, you will ensure that the teachers on car line duty can read the family name.
PLEASE NOTE: If you pull into the car line without an identifying name card, you will be asked to park in the parking lot and pick up your child in the office. Parents who pull up without a name card slow down that process, therefore making it very difficult for teachers on duty to safely and efficiently ensure student management and safety on the car line

While driving through the parking lot, please remain alert, and drive slowly. Taking a break from your cell phone for a few moments is much appreciated.

PATH STUDENTS (Effective September 2015)

If your child will ever need to be dismissed from one of our paths, parent must check the permission to walk home unescorted every day option in Genesis. Please note that if your child is ever planning on utilizing this type of dismissal this option must be checked in Genesis, we cannot accept a note or verbal permission via the telephone.

LATE LUNCH DROP OFF (Effective September 2015)

If your child is not receiving lunch from our PTA sponsored vendors, please remember to send lunch every day. If you forget to send lunch with your child please note that must be dropped off by 11:30 am to ensure that your child receives lunch. If lunch is dropped off after 11:30 am we cannot guarantee that late lunches will be delivered. Make sure to drop off the lunch in our designated drop off lunch spot in between our double door main school entrance.

Please ensure that children attend school with proper attire during the winter months. We ask that children have coats, rather than sweatshirts, and that students refrain from wearing shorts until we experience warmer temperatures.
We thank you in advance for assisting us with our new policies as well as our already established protocols. It is our hope that these practices will instill independence and a greater sense of responsibility, preserve the integrity of our deeply valued instructional time for our students and our teachers, and maintain the upmost safety for your children.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated support.

Christine Gagliardo