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September 3, 2020


Dear Franklin Lakes Preschool through Fifth Grade Families, 


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to welcome you and your children to a new school year. I am hopeful that in spite of the challenges we have faced that your family had some moments of togetherness, rest and relaxation over the past few months. While it is clear that the opening of this school year will not be like any we have ever experienced, we are perhaps more excited than ever to welcome back our children and our families.  


As we welcome you we ask that you please take the time to read the following information carefully as there are highly important details throughout that are vital to the safe opening of our school. Our students and parents must be informed and ready as we welcome you back for our first day of school, Thursday September 10th.  


Our first day of school is Thursday, 9/10/20.  Virtual Instruction will occur for all students from 9/10-9/23.  All students will begin Virtual Instruction with their assigned Homeroom Teacher.  You will receive an email from your child’s homeroom teacher on Wednesday, 9/9 with the information you need to log in to school on our very first day, 9/10/20 at 8:45 AM.  


We are happy to open Homeroom Teachers in Genesis earlier than anticipated at the end of the day today, 9/3/20 at 3:00 PM.  The only way to receive class placement information is through Genesis Parent Access.  Parents/Guardians will not have access to this information without completing the necessary updates and forms in Genesis.  For support in completing these tasks, please see additional information at the bottom of this letter.

As stated in the spring letter regarding class placements, if you provided placement input it was taken into consideration and shared during the placement discussions, however it was not always possible to honor requests. Individual parent/guardian requests for specific teachers cannot be honored or accepted. In addition, previous requests are not considered without an updated letter from you. 

On 9/24/20 we plan to begin In-Person Instruction.  At that point, students will report to their physical classrooms and be instructed by their Homeroom Teacher.  Any students that have chosen the Remote Option in Phase 1 will be assigned to their Dedicated Remote Teacher at that point in time.  They will be taught by that Dedicated Remote Teacher for the remainder of Phase 1.  If any of these students rejoin instruction in Phase 2, they will be reassigned to their Homeroom Teacher. 


What can you expect during 100% Virtual Instruction?

 Students will follow a full day schedule:

  • Kindergarten-5th Grade,  8:45am-3:30pm
  • Preschool and CAPS, 9:00am-2:45pm


You can expect that all children will begin the day on a Zoom Class Meeting and attendance will be taken at that time.  Throughout the instructional day students will participate in both live instruction and asynchronous learning activities.  There will be a balance of these learning formats dependent on developmentally appropriate guidelines. All students will close the day together in a Zoom meeting to provide a summary of their learning and look ahead to the next day. 


Which learning platforms will be used during Virtual Instruction?

Preschool through 2nd Grade Students:

  • Zoom 
  • Seesaw 

3rd through 5th Grade Students:

  • Zoom
  • Google Classroom 

CAPS Students:

  • Zoom
  • Seesaw
  • Google Classroom


Your child’s homeroom teacher will communicate prior to the first day of Virtual Instruction with all necessary links and codes to these platforms. 


How will my child get materials for Virtual Instruction?  

We will host a student materials pick-up day on Wednesday, 9/9/20.  More details to follow under a separate cover.  You will also be able to pick up any electronic devices that have not yet been claimed on this date, as well as drop off any necessary medications for your child to the school nurse.  


What can you expect during In-Person Instruction?

In-Person Instruction begins on Thursday, 9/24/20.  Both In-Person students and Remote Instruction students will follow a minimum day schedule for 4 hours of learning from 9:20am-1:20pm.  Following a travel and lunch break, learning will resume with remote access to teachers from 2:50pm-3:30pm Tuesdays through Fridays.  


Teachers will meet together to plan across the district each Monday afternoon.  Therefore, on Mondays(beginning 10/5) the student day will end after our dismissal process for In-Person students and at 1:20pm for our Remote Instruction students. Providing this collaborative planning time for teachers allows families to initiate any private study groups/pods across the grade level knowing that pacing and learning objectives will be consistent throughout the district grade level, regardless of the assigned teacher. 


When will my child’s arrival and dismissal time be during In-Person Instruction?

While we will send out extensive details about arrival and dismissal under a separate cover as we get closer to In-Person instruction, please note the below assigned times by family last name for your planning purposes.  It is also important to take into consideration that during Phase 1 we can only allow students to arrive at school via carline or bus.  This means no Walkers or Path Students(CRS) are permitted in Phase 1.  Please understand that a great deal of time and effort has gone into the development of our protocols to bring students back to school in person.  Towards that end, we absolutely cannot make exceptions to our procedures during Phase 1.  We recognize that this may pose challenges to your morning routine, but it is imperative that we open for In-Person instruction in a safe manner and cannot make changes to this schedule.


Arrival Times

8:50am-9:00am  Student Arrival Last Names A-H, Grades K-5  

                               All Bridges Students arrive at WAS

                               Rolling Preschool Arrival at Bright Horizons located at HMR

  Rolling Arrival at CAPS located at CRS  

9:00am-9:10am  Student Arrival Last Names I-R, Grades K-5 

                               Rolling Preschool Arrival at Bright Horizons located at HMR

  Rolling Arrival at CAPS located at CRS 

9:10am-9:20am  Student Arrival Last Names S-Z, Grades K-5 

                               Rolling Preschool Arrival at Bright Horizons located at HMR

  Rolling Arrival at CAPS located at CRS  


Dismissal Times

1:20pm-1:30pm  Student Dismissal Last Names A-H, Grades K-5   

                               All Bridges Students dismiss at WAS  

  Rolling Preschool Dismissal  at Bright Horizons located at HMR

  Rolling Dismissal CAPS located at CRS  

1:30pm-1:40pm  Student Dismissal Last Names I-R, Grades K-5 

                               Rolling Preschool Dismissal at Bright Horizons located at HMR

  Rolling Dismissal CAPS located at CRS  

1:40pm-1:50pm  Student Dismissal Last Names S-Z, Grades K-5 

                               Rolling Preschool Dismissal at Bright Horizons located at HMR

  Rolling Dismissal CAPS located at CRS  


Will there be a Back To School Night this year?  

We will host a virtual Back to School Night to provide a safe environment for all of our guests.  More information to follow, for now please save the dates that apply to your family.  


Colonial Road School: Tuesday, 9/29/20 7pm

High Mountain Road School: Thursday, 9/24/20, 7pm

Woodside Avenue School: Tuesday, 9/22/20, 7pm

Franklin Avenue Middle School: Wednesday, 9/23/20, 7pm


Who can I expect on my child’s team?

Our CRS Family

Kindergarten-Mrs. Douma & Mrs. Raphael

Grade One-Mrs. Hay & Mrs. Rotella

Grade Two-Ms. Grazioso & Mrs. Weber 

Grade Three-Mrs. Allocco & Mrs. Rightmire 

Grade Four-Mrs. Balassone & Ms. Rizzi 

Grade Five-Mrs. Gibbons & Ms. Piccinch

CAPS-Ms. Hanley, Mrs. McGlynn, Mrs. Schrantz & Mrs. Tannucilli 


Resource Room-Mrs. Dalton, Ms. Dunn, Ms. Verblaauw/Mrs. Pawlowski & Mrs. Scherf 


Art-Mrs. Intriago & Mrs. LaRubbio

Library-Mrs. Luciano

Choral Music-Ms. Miller

Physical Education- Mrs. Scutti

Spanish-Ms. Garcia

Instrumental Music-Ms. Bradley 

Discovery Room-Mrs. Hatley

ESL-Mrs. Perin

Guidance-Mrs. Ballas

Special Services-Mrs. Arcentales, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Jasmine, Mrs. Kallini, Ms. Kolankowski, Dr. Petty, Mrs. Rosenberg, Mrs. Savino, & Ms. Troost 

School Nurse-Mrs. Fisette

Main Office Administrative Assistants-Ms. Hofmann & Mrs. Sprinkle

Custodial Staff-Mr. Pat Turano

Dedicated District Remote Teachers:

Kindergarten:  Ms. Macaluso

1st Grade:  Ms. Stickles

2nd Grade: Ms. Buchanan 

                   Ms. Preziosi

3rd Grade:  Ms. Mascharka

4th Grade:  Ms. Higgins

5th Grade:  Ms. LoCascio

                   Ms. Tracey


How do I update my information in Genesis so that I can access Class Placement information for my child?

Genesis Parent Access Information

As a reminder, parents and guardians are expected to update any contact information, including emergency contact information, and fill out the health and permission forms online in Genesis Parent Resources.  Class Placement information will be released in Genesis prior to the start of school. Parents/Guardians will not have access to this information without completing these updates and forms.  


Please log into Genesis Parent Resources at


  1.     Click on the Forms tab and kindly fill out and submit the health and permissions forms. Please be sure to click the green Update Answers button at the bottom of each form after you have answered each question.


  1.     Click on the Contacts tab to update your child's contact information including emergency contacts. Please be sure to update your contact information regularly. This information will be used in case of an emergency and for school closings or delay alerts. Please keep in mind that information is not automatically updated for all of your children. You must update each child individually.


If you have any questions please email

In closing, an essential component of the success we will continue to share together this year is our dedicated and passionate parent community. We look forward to forging and sustaining partnerships with you as we work together to ensure success for your children. As we embark on another year together, I want to take a moment to extend a sincere heartfelt thank you to all of you. 


We thank you in advance for sharing your children with us and we look forward to spending the school year with them.



Christine Gagliardo