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Health Screenings

Required by state law height, weight, vision, hearing, blood pressure and scoliosis screenings are performed routinely, in accordance with the Department of Health.  If there is a concern during a screening, you will be notified by letter.

All children at Colonial Road School have a vision screening annually.  If the child has difficulty, a form letter is sent home through the mail.  Please follow up with an eye doctor and return the form to the school nurse.  First graders are screened for color blindness.
All children have a hearing screening done at school, according to the New Jersey State law.  If any child does meet the minimum standard, a form letter is sent home through the mail, informing the parent of the results.  If your child should bring home such a letter, please have him/her examined by your own doctor or an audiologist.  The completed form should be returned to the school nurse, so the results can be recorded in the child's health records.

All 5th grade students must be screened by the school nurse for the presence of scoliosis.  This screening will be repeated again in grade 7 and again in High School.  A few days before the screening, you will be notified in writing and recommendations for appropriate apparel will be given at that time.  The screening only takes a few minutes, and will be done by the nurse in the nurse's office.  If you prefer your child not be screened at school, a note from the parents stating your objections must be sent to the school nurse prior to the screening date.