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Guidance » Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Sites about Internet Safety
At these sites, you can find good advice about "safe surfing."  Also included are some sites that will point you in the direction of kid-friendly websites.

NetSafe Kids (The National Academies) -

GetNetWise -

NetSmartz (Center for Missing and Exploited Children) -

Family Guide Book -

American Library Association - Great Websites for Kids -

Media Awareness Network (Canada) -

Net-Mom's Internet Safe-House -
Filtered and Structured Search Sites
Search engines are a great tool for finding information, but most do not include features to help insure that the information located will be suitable for kids. The search sites listed below all include some kind of filtering or screening to try to find answers appropriate for kids.

Kid's Click -!/

Yahooligans -

Ask for Kids -

The Learning Network: FactMonster -
Monitoring, Filtering and Security Software
Filters are software packages that help screen out objectionable content.  Monitoring software can be used to track activity performed by someone on a computer.  Security software will help protect your computer from viruses and "attacks."  Each of the packages below includes these features to varying degrees.  But remember: no software can be a substitute for parental vigilance and involvement!

SafeEyes - (Filtering, Monitoring, Time Management)

ContentProtect - (Filtering, Monitoring, Time Management)

Spector - (Monitoring, Time Management)

CyberPatrol - (Filtering & Time Management)

CyberSitter - (Filtering & Time Management)

CyberSentinel - (Filtering & Time Management)

NetNanny - (Filtering)

The two products listed below are integrated security programs that include Virus protection, and "Attack" protection (a firewall.)

Norton Internet Security -
(Includes Antivirus, Firewall, Content Filtering, Information Control, Ad Blocking, basic SPAM control)

McAfee Internet Security -
(Includes Antivirus, Firewall, Information Control, Application Control, Pop-up Blocking)