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Guidance » Character Education

Character Education



Teaching Responsible, Respectful Children

Children share a respect for the fundamental traits of character: honesty, compassion, justice, courage, and perseverance. Yet, these traits are not always readily apparent and easy to grasp or learn. Therefore our challenge is to provide youth with the self-esteem, stamina, and support they need to survive, be successful, and develop into strong, competent, caring, and responsible citizens.

What Is Character Education?

Embedded in character education are guidelines for successful living. Students learn positive approaches to setting and achieving goals. Character education invites students to listen, share, explore, and reflect. Cultivating knowledge for purposeful living, students learn through literature, art, humanities and throughout the existing school curriculum the benefits and consequences of behavior. They learn the power of choice. They learn to appreciate the qualities of being human and to share their appreciation at home, in school, and in the community.

Curricula Used:
-Open Circle

Monthly Themes
*Character Education is taught in every classroom each month and in the Kindergarten classes weekly*
September: Meet the Counselor/Courage
October: Friendship
November: Respect
December: Problem Solving - Fairness
January: Responsibility - Citizenship
February: Compassion - Caring
March: Acceptance
April: Honesty - Trustworthiness
May: NJASK Testing - No Lessons
June: Movin' Up/Self-Control